April 8, 2024

It’s Good To Be Green In Edmonds

Earth Month is a great time to think about how we’re living green. It’s a good stopping point in our day-to-day to think about what we could be doing better. And it’s a wonderful opportunity to remind you of all the businesses Downtown Edmonds that make a daily commitment to their sustainable practices. 

In this article, you’ll get a list of many of our earth-conscious Downtown Edmonds businesses, along with a few recommendations of ways you can lean into your green. There’s no better time than right now to live green and support your city while you’re at it. Keep scrolling to learn how. 

Eco-Conscious Downtown Edmonds Businesses

Anchor Chic Consignment is a resale boutique on Dayton that curates beautiful pieces at great prices. Join the green fashion movement when you shop at Anchor Chic! 

Bench & Board has recently started selling antiques, including beautiful vintage tea sets. This is the green economy at its most charming. 

Camp Vintage specializes in all things nostalgic. Come by often to peruse their ever-evolving collection of memorabilia, gifts, camp, and homewares. 

Cline Jewelers, family-run since 1980, offers a large selection of estate jewelry. Peek in their new windows to watch them refurbish antique pieces and create new ones!

Many makers featured at Crow (now open in its new location on 5th Ave. S!) upcycle their materials. 

Driftwood in Downtown Edmonds

Mid-century modern treasures at Driftwood Modern

Driftwood Modern curates beautiful, thoughtful, mid-century furniture pieces and fine art. Stop in to see if you need a 1970s English, Nathan teak bookshelf and cabinet with a lockable, fold-down desk (you do). 

Edmonds Bookshop offers a section of used books. If you sell with them, you can use your earnings to buy new books and keep the circle going!


Maize & Barley in downtown Edmonds

Local, sustainable purveyors at Maize & Barley

Maize & Barley has a deep commitment to eco-conscious practices, including composting. Maize & Barley offers a highly seasonal, all-scratch menu that supports small, local, sustainable purveyors. 

Musicology sells both new and used records in its new shop on 5th Ave. S. They’ll buy your records Tuesday through Sunday during their regular business hours. They’ll also buy some of your old cassettes and take CD donations.


Ombu Salon + Spa in Downtown Edmonds

Eco-friendly products at Ombu Salon + Spa

Ombu Salon + Spa actively looks for partners that care about the environment and their packaging. Helping you and Mother Earth look and feel good? Yeah, Ombu’s all over that. 

Pear Tree Consignment can outfit *most* of your family in its curated collection of gently used clothing and accessories—and that includes men, petites, and plus sizes! New items arrive daily, so pop in often! 

Sugarology is built on sustainability. The most sustainable of hair removal practices, sugaring is a gentle hair removal process that takes hair from the root in the natural direction of hair growth, with little to no irritation to the skin. The sugar itself is all-natural sugar, lemon, and water, cooked like a caramel into paste form.

When wine and green living come together, magic is made. The team at Vinbero focuses on a curated selection of delights featuring small, craft vendors with a focus on sustainability. Happy hour with a bigger purpose? Yes, please! 

Walnut Street Coffee rewards you for bringing your own vessels. In case you forget yours, you’ll be served your drink in a compostable cup with organic dairy or plant-based milk (Oatly, almond, soy, hemp, and coconut) for no additional charge.

A Note About Ridwell

You may have noticed cream bins with orange text on them on many local porches, including at a few Downtown Edmonds businesses. This local company focused on sustainable practices is offering Edmonds residents a one-month free trial for Earth Month!

What is Ridwell, you might be wondering? Ridwell’s mission is to empower individuals, families, and communities to build a less wasteful future by making it easy to reuse and recycle their stuff sustainably. Ridwell offers a convenient doorstep pickup service for items not accepted by traditional curbside recycling programs, and partners with 200+ vetted local and national businesses and nonprofits for responsible recycling and reuse. 

To celebrate Earth Month and beyond, visit get.ridwell.com/EarthMonth2024 by May 15th to see what you can recycle and claim your box!

Make A Difference on Earth Day with The City of Edmonds

On Saturday, April 20, several local groups (The City of Edmonds, The Edmonds Stewards, The Edmonds Tree Board, Sound Salmon Solutions, and other community volunteers) will come together for a day of service. Join us! We’ll plant trees, restore habitats, and clean up our beaches. Learn more and plan your day here

Show us how you’re living green! Add #greenedmonds to your public social media posts and we’ll send you all the hearts from our @edmondsdowntown Instagram and Facebook pages.

By Whitney Popa

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