April 16, 2019

Local Healthcare Options in Edmonds

Finding care close to home in these days of extreme Seattle-area traffic is a priority for many. Thankfully, Edmonds offers a wide variety of health-related services within the city limits. While the area surrounding the hospital up near Highway 99 has become a hub for all types of medical needs, you can also find great providers right here in downtown Edmonds.

Paktia Pharmacy offers services with the needs of their customers in mind

Open since 2015, Paktia Pharmacy provides the kind of personalized hometown care that can be difficult to find at big box retailers. In fact, Paktia will price match larger pharmacies like Costco.

Owner Rashid Jamali graduated in 2002 with a Doctor in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from the University of Wyoming and then spent 14 years as the pharmacist at Rite Aid in Lynnwood.

When opening his own pharmacy, Dr. Jamali endeavored to create a customer-first business.

The last thing you want to do when you are ill or recovering from a procedure is to run errands. That’s one reason Paktia offers the convenience of in-home delivery at no charge for times you just aren’t able to make it in. Just give a one to two day notice and they will get your prescriptions to you!

Another service they offer is compounding. A compounding pharmacy works closely with medical professionals to custom-make needed medications that take the patient’s unique needs into account.

For example, a patient who struggles with swallowing pills could work with Paktia to have their prescription formulated properly into liquid form. Compounding can also tailor dosage levels or reformulate a medication to eliminate non-essential ingredients that a patient may not tolerate well in its standard commercial form (things like lactose or dyes or other allergens).

And don’t forget about your pets! Paktia’s focus on wellness includes your fur babies, as well. Paktia has a large stock of common pet medications and works with pet insurance companies.

Edmonds Vision Center takes a holistic approach to eye care for you and your entire family

Regular eye exams may seem like one of those health-related tasks to just put on the back burner if your vision seems to be fine.

However, getting regular eye care (particularly a comprehensive exam every two years) can greatly impact your overall health as many eye issues affect more than just your vision. As you age, vision care becomes even more important since risks for glaucoma and macular degeneration increase the older you become – even if you’ve always had perfect vision.

Edmonds Vision Center has three optometrists on staff with a combined experience of more than 70 years between them  – Dr. Wong and Dr. Solum both graduating in 1996 and Dr. Wees graduating in 1991. Dr. Wong and Dr. Solum, who own the practice, have been serving patients in Edmonds and Shoreline since 2001.

In addition to regular exams, Edmonds Vision Center has cutting edge diagnostic tools available like OPTOS Retinal Exams, Digital Retinal Photography and the technology onsite to diagnose and treat glaucoma and macular degeneration.

If prescription eyewear is in your future, the retail section of Edmonds Vision Center offers a huge variety of fashionable options from many popular designers. They bring in these manufacturers for trunk shows throughout the year, offering customers the chance to not only find the perfect new look but to also enjoy some discounts.

Their licensed opticians are happy to help you discover the exact right eyewear to complement your lifestyle and personality!

Dr. Youssef and dental assistant Angela Rybarski at work

Affinity Contemporary Dentistry focuses on the comfort of patients of all ages

Just like regular vision check-ups, routine dental care factors into our overall health. Scheduling regular cleanings and x-rays ensures things like gum disease can be avoided and serious issues like oral cancer can be diagnosed early. Gum disease may not sound so terrible, but poor oral hygiene can contribute to major health problems like heart disease, pre-term labor, and stroke.

However, let’s face it, for many people, dental visits rank up there with our least-favorite tasks – like doing taxes or cleaning out the garage. In fact, recent studies indicate that more than 60% of the population has some level of dental anxiety, and for many the fear is extreme.

Dr. Youssef and team at Affinity Contemporary Dentistry in Edmonds understands that even routine dental care comes with a certain amount of trepidation for patients of all ages, which is why they have focused heavily on creating a practice with comfort in mind.

They’ve created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with special touches like warm blankets, Netflix, Bluetooth headphones, hot towels and lip balm. For patients experiencing dental anxiety, they offer sedation and nitrous oxide, as well.

For people without dental insurance, make sure to look at their in-house subscription model called In House Dental Savings plan. It’s an affordable way to ensure you don’t go without regular dental care if you don’t have insurance available.

Another way Affinity Dentistry stands out is through their support of our local civil servants – like teachers, police, and fire employees. They work with the large dental insurers many organizations provide for employees and also offer special discounts and perks for civil servants like free dental implant consultations and $20 Amazon gift cards.

To make scheduling more convenient, Affinity has early morning appointment times available and features free parking onsite. A real bonus when juggling the demands of busy life and a packed schedule!

To see all of the great health-related providers and other businesses in downtown Edmonds, make sure to visit edmondsdowntown.org!

By Kelsey Foster, photos by Matt Hulbert

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