September 18, 2023

Set Yourself Up For Success Downtown

If your summer was like ours, you were on the move, bopping around town—and beyond—and spending very little time bogged down in life logistics. Who had time for those? We were getting our Vitamin D levels, well, level. Among other things. 

The less time-sensitive to-dos got the least attention of all—figuring out a new insurance provider, dropping off the dry cleaning, and so on. 

With the leaves turning, vitamins sufficient, tea fresh out of the kettle, and the kids safely back in their school’s warm embrace, though, it’s time to tick down the list. 

Stick with us as we show you all the ways you can set yourself up for success in all those big and small life ways right in downtown Edmonds. 

Insurance Services Group in Downtown EdmondsBookkeepers, Bank Accounts, Financial Planners—Oh, My!

As the end of the year creeps up on us, it’s a great exercise to check in with your money. If you’re looking for support in the financial management department, check out local advisory firms like Koenig Financial Group. 

Interested in the potential savings and better coverage you could get through bundling or switching insurers? Make an appointment with the friendly faces at Allstate – Salish Insurance Group or Insurance Services Group

If you’re looking for loans or to move your money somewhere more local, look no further than Peoples Bank or Sound Credit Union

Donaldson & Knigge Law in Downtown EdmondsLawyer Up

Get a speeding ticket on your way to or from the first day of school? It happens! Donaldson & Knigge, LLC can help with that and protect your driving record. 

Likewise, if you have assets you want to protect, Sound Estate Planning, PLLC can build a plan with you to ensure your family is taken care of should anything happen to you. Got a lot of things you want to talk about (or a business), but don’t know where to begin? Make an appointment with Beresford Booth PLLC, a full-service and cost-effective firm in the heart of the downtown district. 

Make Sure Your Mind Is Right

We are flush with mental health professionals in Edmonds. Find the perfect provider for you here, and pat yourself on the back for prioritizing yourself. 

If you or a loved one are looking for more concentrated help or a long-term program, consider The Center, which focuses on helping people change their lives for good, with an emphasis on mental health and chemical dependency.   

Edmonds Vision Center in Downtown EdmondsCheck In With Your Body

Ensure your vessel is fully operational with appointments at Advanced Hearing Systems, Edmonds Vision Center, Naturopathic Dermatology, and Soundview Family Dental, all right in your neck of the woods!   

KSD Home in Downtown Edmonds

KSD Home 

Glow Up Your Home

Looking around the house and not loving what you see? Take your dusty drapes for a refresh at Corry’s Fine Drycleaning

Ready to go all in? Dust off those plans for your new build or reno your architect drew up for you a few years ago and take them to Wilcox Construction Inc. (one of their recent projects was our beautiful Barre3 Edmonds studio) for an estimate. Then, walk over to Interiors of Edmonds or KSD Home to inquire about finishing touches.

Big Success!

Okay, whew! That was a lot. Don’t feel like you have to take it on at once, but hopefully, now you feel set up for success in all the places that may have felt big and scary before you spent the last few minutes reading this article. Plus, there is comfort in knowing so many experts surround us right downtown. 

Already got an appointment with one or many of them? Take us along (as legally and ethically as you can, of course). Tag us in your Instagram and Facebook posts (@edmondsdowntown) so we can show them some social love!

By Whitney Popa, photos by Matt Hulbert

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