March 26, 2018

Edmonds Summer Travel Tips and Trends

With spring break just around the corner and summer arriving soon, it’s time to start making your plans to enjoy the beautiful PNW and beyond.

The first step in creating an enjoyable vacation lies in the planning. And Edmonds boasts a plethora of experts to help you create the perfect trip!

We asked Petra Rousu, owner of The Savvy Traveler, to share the biggest travel trends she’s seeing in her store.

“We are seeing an upswing in multi-generational travel, such as grandparents taking the grandkids to Africa and other exotic places,” says Rousu. “Grandparents as well as empty-nester parents are in the economic group that can afford travel and have more time to do so.”

For travel to Africa, she recommends using duffel bags as they will easily fit in the more compact planes taken out to the bush since there is a tighter weight and size restriction than on commercial aircraft.

Another trend Rousu mentioned is river cruising. It’s become a popular way to travel as you can see many cities and sites in one trip without the hassle of having to change hotels and unpack/repack as often.

Additionally, a priority for most any traveler is finding great clothes that are functional as well as fashionable. Your trip may involve wide swings in climate or a combination of rugged activity as well as the need to be dressy. Planning a streamlined wardrobe without missing the essentials is key.

Rousu carries a wide selection of items that fit that need along with packing accessories to keep you organized every time you pull out that suitcase. Take the time to visit her store to find all of these great products to make traveling a breeze.

World-renowned Rick Steves is another travel expert right here downtown Edmonds. You can visit his travel center and pick up travel resources or take workshops on a variety of locales. They also offer guided and semi-guided tours each summer and have travel consultants you can hire to help you plan a custom vacation.

Make sure to check out their Spring Travel Festival happening on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Rick and his team of travel experts will be sharing their top European destinations and travel tips. The festival is free but does require pre-registration.

If hitting the open road is on your summer travel list, you definitely want to get familiar with Edmonds-based RV experts

RV travel is not just for retired folks anymore! In the age of telecommuting and widespread Wi-Fi, RV travel has become more popular with younger generations. In fact, the Gen X and Millenial generations are fueling a huge increase in RVing.

You can sign up for the free RVTravel newsletter to be sent numerous RV tips, how-to guides, park reviews, and pretty much everything you would ever need to know about RVing.

If getting completely out of town isn’t in the cards for you, consider a staycation instead!

Airbnb features many darling places you can book right here in Edmonds as well as just a few hour drive away. VRBO is another great online resource for finding a place to stay in popular local areas.

Many travelers say staying in an Airbnb or VRBO guest house can provide a way to really experience what it’s like living in a community, more than what a hotel can offer. A big bonus is that some places allow dogs or are big enough to sleep entire families comfortably.

You can also sometimes find deals on hotels downtown Seattle last minute on sites like Priceline. Even for just one night, it’s fun to play tourist in the city, especially as the weather gets nicer.

And if you still aren’t convinced you can take time out for a getaway, you can always take a cooking class at PCC and at least learn how to cook cuisines from faraway places. They just posted their spring class schedule and classes are filling fast.

Finally, three reasons to make time for travel

Greater than just enjoyment, there are important health reasons to take time out for the adventures and exploration that traveling provides.

Reason #1: Travel gives you a new perspective
Traveling exposes you to new experiences, cultures, food, and people. All of which opens your mind up to new ways of seeing things. And that can translate to better problem-solving when you are back home.

Reason #2: Travel is good for your heart
Yes, getting out of town does a heart good! The Framingham Heart Study at Boston University did several studies that show regular vacations can decrease your risk of heart attack by up to 30%.

Reason #3: Travel increases your happiness
Interestingly, just the anticipation of an upcoming trip can make you happier. Whether that’s from researching the locale, shopping for vacation clothes, or just being excited for the experience of getting away—research points to all of these increasing your overall happiness.

Whether you are interested in a cross-continental trip or a low-key staycation, planning is a cinch with all of the travel resources right here in Edmonds!

Written by Kelsey Foster, photography by Matt Hulbert

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