May 20, 2024

Hey, Edmonds, You Deserve A Sweet Treat

If you’re like us, there are moments throughout your week—nay, your day—when you think to yourself, Self, I could use a sweet treat. And then you start going through your mental Rolodex of Downtown Edmonds businesses that could satiate that craving. 

Well, reader, this is that Rolodex. Because you deserve a sweet treat, and our downtown blocks are full of them. There are quite a few options, so we’ve bucketed them up by type: hot, cold, and in-between. We expect you’ll pick from each list quite frequently, and we’ve recommended orders at each location. Rest assured each spot offers much more than we can list here. 

So, bookmark this page since you’ll surely come back to it, and let’s find you that next mid-morning iced latte, lunch dessert, or crackly crust crème brûlée. 

Hot Treats

Whether you’re into steaming teas or warmed-up pie a-la-mode, we have something for your sweet tooth Downtown Edmonds. Claire’s is a cavernous diner just a few blocks up from the ferry that doesn’t feel cavernous at all. They have a rotating mix of pie slices you won’t want to miss, plus sweet breakfast items like waffles and crepes. 

There is a lot to love at Red Twig Bakery Cafe, from their seasonal specials to their nutritious bowls. But the two things that beckon us from blocks away? Their Chai Latte with a side of warmed-up Cinnamon Roll. Trust us. 

Coffee cake and coffee at Rusty Pelican in Downtown Edmonds

Rusty Pelican Cafe has warm desserts made fresh daily, including warm pastries and sugary slices. A breakfast date, steaming cup of coffee, and something sweet? Say less!

If you want to sit down with your treats, make a reservation at Salt & Iron, where you can enjoy seasonally inspired desserts crafted in-house. Celebrating something special? Order a Champagne Float with pink Moscato and your choice of sorbet. 

Serving a selection of sweets from beloved Macrina Bakery, Salmonberry Goods, and Flying Apron (these treats are for you, gluten-free friends and neighbors!), Walnut Street Coffee orders are extra tasty with a side of warm pastries. Did you know they have two microwaves available for you to heat them to your desired temps, too? 

Cold Treats

Molly Moons ice cream in Downtown Edmonds

This writer read somewhere once that the Seattle area, while gray most of the year, also enjoys one of the highest rates of ice cream consumption. Whether that’s still true now (or was then), it’s a believable story, especially given how long ice cream lines are in Edmonds all year round. Enter Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, open downtown for just a few months and always spilling lines of guests down the block. We’re suckers for their Yeti flavor (sweet cream ice cream swirled with homemade vanilla bean caramel and tons of homemade yeti granola and Theo chocolate bits) and look forward to their “Now Scooping” emails with what’s new on the menu. 

See also: Revelations Yogurt, a go-to for kiddos and their people post-Little League, SnoKing Soccer, and the like. Who doesn’t love building your own dessert? We certainly can’t say no, especially when the dessert pangs strike. Sleepy? Order an affogato with your favorite froyo. 

Molly Moon’s and RevYo are neighbors—ice cream and froyo eaters can admire each other from across the street—and the best thing they have in common is their ever-rotating flavors. As if these cold treats weren’t exciting enough, they’re both calling us back with new tastebud ticklers nearly every day. And you know what? That’s a call we’ll always answer. 

Remember how we said Rusty Pelican Cafe has warm desserts? They also have cold specialty milkshakes, ice cream sundaes, and ice cream sodas. Double the sweets are double the fun, especially when you have a date to share it all with. Two spoons, please, and thanks! 

Girls eating ice cream at Waterfront Coffee in Downtown EdmondsMany people know Waterfront Coffee for its Mukilteo Roasters drinks, but you may not know they also serve cold scoops of ice cream from Lopez Island Creamery. The best part of this little slice of paradise by the ferry landing? Everything they serve is sourced locally from the best PNW companies. 

In-Betweener Treats

Edmonds Bakery often has fresh-out-of-the-over pastries and it always has a case full of donuts, cookies, breads, and more to peruse. Need a custom cake? This centenarian staple has those, too! 

Cakes by Frosted inside Ace Hardware has grab-and-go cupcakes perfect for an impromptu party and a binder of custom options to flip through while you wait to check out. 

Copper Rose in Downtown Edmonds

Copper Rose Bakery, recently opened at Main Street Commons, has cases of fresh pastries daily. Check out their selection here, and get in line early for the best selection. 

If in doubt, there’s always Starbucks, right by the fountain. We crave the comfort of consistency, and Starbucks serves that up in droves. We also appreciate knowing that a well-timed cake pop can calm even the most tantrummy child—including your inner child!

Which sweet treat is piquing your interest? If we see you around town with something small and sugary in hand, we’ll know where you probably got the idea. And we fully support it. 

Show them off! Tag your treats on Instagram and Facebook and we’ll send you all the hearts to go along with them.

By Whitney Popa, photos by Matt Hulbert

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