May 13, 2019

My Favorite Things: Beth Sanger of Ombu Salon

We are starting a new series here at Ed! called “My Favorite Things” where we get to learn the personalities behind some of our great downtown Edmonds businesses. First up in the series, we chatted with Beth Sanger, owner of Ombu Salon + Spa.

Ombu has been a hub for beauty and wellness in downtown Edmonds for a decade. Beth focuses on offering natural treatments, certified organic products, and care for the environment, which has earned Ombu a loyal following of clients.

In fact, Ombu even recycles hair clippings and foils from services, which saved about 400lbs from winding up in a landfill last year! Because of this focus on the environment, Ombu (along with five other Edmonds businesses) earned an EnviroStar ranking earlier this year.

On the horizon at Ombu is a move to a new space, which is currently under renovations. The new digs are located at 121 Third Avenue, about three blocks away from their current location on Sixth and Main. Sneak peeks of the space along with the beautiful new sign have been shared on social media and the excitement for this new chapter in Ombu’s story is understandable!

These are some of Beth’s favorite things.

Ed!: Beth, what is your favorite thing about being in business in downtown Edmonds?

My favorite thing has been meeting the folks that call Edmonds home.  I have always had a career. Having a place to work – in the town I live – is wonderful.

Ed!: What is your favorite thing about being in the spa/salon industry?

This was a new industry for me. Luckily, I purchased a business that was well-established, had a faithful following and a great staff that taught me the ropes. Being a part of the industry has allowed me to take care of myself. I really appreciate a great massage or facial. I have finally figured out (some) of the mysteries to caring for my wild hair. I am a total product junkie now.

Ed!: What is your favorite place to shop or dine in downtown Edmonds?

Tom (my husband) and I love eating out. Our favorites are Ono Poke and Salt & Iron. They both have incredible ownership. And they hire really good people. I love stepping into either one. Did I mention the food? Always quality ingredients and really tasty dishes. We are lucky to have such good places to eat.

We also have a couple of favorite watering holes. Kelnero has the BEST cocktails and we love the beer at Salish Sea Brewing Co.

Ed!: What is your favorite product you currently sell in your salon?

We carry a moisturizer in the Eminence line that is a staple in my routine. I will layer with other products to protect from the sun or minimize aging. This one is always in the mix: Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream. Hands down, my very favorite.

Ed!: What is your favorite personal item you own?

I would say my dog Muffin, but my kids would not be happy if I pick one dog over the other (though truly she has my heart). My favorite item is my white cotton concert skirt. I’ve had it over 10 years and luckily it has a drawstring waist. It has seen lots of good wine, bleach, and witnessed the best concerts.

Ed!: What is one item you are never without?

The only item that is always on me is an evil eye bracelet.  I am not overly superstitious, but enough that I am pretty sure something bad would happen if I took it off.  It is made with a cord, so eventually it will rot away.  In the meantime, it’s doing its job!

Thank you for taking time to chat with us, Beth!

To learn more about Ombu Salon + Spa and book your next beauty service, visit their website To learn more about all the great businesses in downtown Edmonds, check out

By Kelsey Foster

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