October 30, 2023

Say Hey To The New Businesses at Main Street Commons

A lot has been happening at Main Street Commons over the past few months—from the endlessly long lines spilling out and around Molly Moon’s to the looky-loos breathing hot air on windows freshly branded with business names (just this writer? Bet not!). 

Since shops are opening, art has been affixed, and so much progress has been made, it’s time to deliver a Jell-O mold, as it were, to your new neighbors, in the form of a formal introduction.

Some have already moved in. Others are in hot pursuit. Let’s get into it. 

Molly Moon's in Downtown EdmondsMolly Moon’s, Opened August 2023

A Seattle ice cream staple, our downtown Molly Moon’s scoop shop marks the company’s tenth location. Been smelling waffles on the blocks? Yeah, they’re probably waffle cones from Molly Moon’s. One of our favorite things about this shop is its rotating, seasonal flavors that always have something for the dairy-loving and dairy-intolerant among us.  

Virtue Cellars in Downtown EdmondsVirtue Cellars Tasting Room, Opened September 2023

Offering tastings and glass pours for all of-agers who want them, Virtue Cellars Tasting Room has been hosting sippers for a few months. The opening of their shop, just up the road from where they make their wine in Richmond Beach, has been a longtime dream of the whole team. Not only is the space as kid-friendly as tasting rooms can be, but it’s also right next door to Molly Moon’s, where the kids can run and watch scoops should they have wiggles while you have wine. 

Johnny Mo's in Downtown EdmondsJohnny Mo’s Pizzeria, Opening November 2023

Known for its massive New York and Chicago-style pizzas, Johny Mo’s has been feeding Eastlake for years. It’s a tall order to claim you’ve mastered the art of savory pies from two US pizza capitols, and we Edmonds foodies have the perfectly refined palettes to put Johnny Mo’s Pizzeria to the test. We believe them already, though, because Johnny (from New York, drools over a thin crust) and Mo (from Chicago, appreciates doughy layers) have been best buds for nearly thirty years. 

Make sure you show us your order by tagging them (@johnnymospizzeria) and us (@edmondsdowntown) in your posts. 

And, for extra fun, check out how cool Molly Moon’s and Johnny Mo’s look together after the sun sets.  

Stillhouse Coffee in Downtown CoffeeStillhouse Coffee, Coming Soon

You know we love a beautiful small business origin story, and Stillhouse Coffee certainly has one of those. The brain baby of owner Brian Eastland during his capstone project at Baylor University, Stillhouse—the same name he used for his college project—is a nod to honoring stillness, something you can find in a warm mug and an inspiring space. Brian has been roasting his own beans at his house in Edmonds, a home he shares with his wife and six (yes, six) children. Keep your eye on their Instagram for specific opening dates and the most ‘gram–worthy turquoise to-go cups. 

Copperpot Bakery, Coming Soon

One of our favorite bakeries that has been a farmers market staple is getting its first brick-and-mortar this winter. Keep your finger on the refresh button on both their website and Instagram account for updates. 

Victor Tavern, Coming Soon

Word is Ethan Stowell’s modern urban tavern is opening early next year. We’ll keep you updated on our Instagram page as we see signs go up. 

"Journey of Salmon" mural in Downtown Edmonds.The Art: Journey of Salmon, Completed May 2023

If you have a keen eye, you noticed we arranged the businesses in ascending order of which one opened first. While the Commons’ mural was the first to be formally enjoyed, we wanted to save it for last because, well, it’s extra special. Part of Art Walk Edmonds’ Mural Project, Journey of Salmon was designed and painted by Tacoma-based artist Paige Pettibon

Paige, who is part Coast Salish, used the traditional colors of many Coast Salish tribes in her piece. As a whole, it represents the overcoming of obstacles. The single big wave symbolizes the waterways that served as the original traveling path for Pacific Northwest tribes. Next time you’re visiting one of your new favorite downtown businesses, give yourself a moment to pause and take it all in. 

We’ve all been waiting patiently for everything Main Street Commons, and we’re thoroughly enjoying all the new places and faces we get to see with many of the shops now open. When you head over to try their eats and drinks, take us with you by tagging @edmondsdowntown on Instagram and Facebook

By Whitney Popa, photos by Matt Hulbert

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