August 12, 2019

Skincare Tips from Edmonds Pros

As summer transitions into fall in a few (all-too-short) weeks, it’s a great time to pay attention to the changing needs of our skin.

We asked three of the top estheticians in downtown Edmonds for some tips and guidance on developing a healthy skincare regime and the best ways to take care of PNW skin concerns.

Laura Hess of Ombu Salon + Spa, Nisha Burmaster of Slate Salon + Spa, and Sorine Morgan of SSpa/Edmonds Waxing Studio to give us the low down on keeping our faces in tip-top shape.

Ed!: What are the most common concerns your clients have that can be easily remedied with services and products?

 Laura: Age prevention is the most common skin concern I hear about. It’s important that we learn to age gracefully however, there are measures we can take inside and out to slow down the hands of time. Good nutrition is key, managing stress and thinking good thoughts, and using potent organic skin care products, like Eminence, that utilize collagen, peptides, stem cells, natural retinol, and Vitamin C paired with monthly facials can be very beneficial.

Nisha: A common concern that can most easily be remedied with services and products is by far dry, dull skin. It is easy to hydrate the skin in a facial, especially after a professional level of exfoliation. Moisture and products have a hard time penetrating through that top layer of dead skin which is always dehydrated. Even if you’re oily, that top layer of dead skin is always dehydrated.

By having your skin professionally exfoliated, not only does it give it an amazing youthful glow instantly, but it also allows moisture to go deeper. Same goes for home care. Using an exfoliant along with your hydrators at home is very important and can get you instant results.

Sorine: The most common concerns my clients have would be uneven, textured skin. This can easily be treated with regular exfoliation, especially with professional facials. Regular exfoliation will help with many concerns. In addition, I recommend adding in hydrating serums for the best results.

Laura Hess, Ombu Salon + Spa

Laura Hess, Ombu Salon + Spa

Ed!: What is the most popular skincare service people request from you?

Laura: Our customized organic facial is the most popular service. Along with a customized organic facial, we offer facial enhancements and our fruit acid enzyme peel and eye treatment. These add-ons are the most popular way to enhance results from a facial.

Nisha: The most commonly requested services are one hour facials and brow waxes. With brows taking center stage in the beauty world the past few years it has become increasingly popular to have your brows professionally done.

Sorine: The most popular service requested is my signature facial since it is a customized Dermalogica treatment, designed for every skin type. A precise skincare treatment will be determined to meet your needs, whether to treat a specific problem or restore balance.

All facials combine relaxation with cleaning and include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if necessary, and massage while your skin rehydrates with a customized treatment masque and serum.

Ed!:  What is a skincare service you think everyone should regularly get?

Laura: As we age, our cellular renewal process slows down and so the skin can become dull, rough, and dry. Monthly facials can help counteract this by generating new cells to the surface, stimulating collagen and elastin, helping with fine lines and wrinkles and bringing oxygen and renewed glow back to the skin. Not to mention, a facial is fantastic way to rebalance the mind, body and spirit!

Nisha: I think of all the services, facials would be the one thing everyone, women and men, should get. Not only does it make your skin look great, but it is also preventative, and with the right technician, can be extremely relaxing and de-stressing. I put a heavy focus on relaxation and clients leave feeling great – both inside and out. We can all use that in this day and age.

As for the rest of the treatments, it really depends on the individual. Somebody might have really blond eyelashes and benefit most from a lash tint and someone else might have great lashes but really need that upper lip wax.

Sorine: As we age, our skin turnover slows down, so a regular facial every four to six weeks will help with renewing and reviving skin cells through the aging process. In addition, a regular facial will help to remind you to keep up with a healthy at-home routine and regimen.

Nisha Burmaster, Slate Salon + Spa

Nisha Burmaster, Slate Salon + Spa

Ed!: What are special concerns for people who live in the Pacific Northwest? Any special tips specific to Pacific Northwest skincare?

Laura: In the Pacific Northwest we can underestimate the power of the sun. With its many benefits, it also can speed up the skin’s aging process. So it’s imperative to wear a non-toxic sunscreen daily – even on those cloudy days! For those who do see the accumulated effects of sun damage customized peels can make a positive difference.

Nisha: Actually, of all the climates in America, the Pacific Northwest is pretty forgiving for skin. Obviously we don’t have an excess of sun causing that lovely beef jerky look, and while we do have a variation in seasons, it’s not nearly as bad as some parts of the country. However it can still be an issue for us. We need to change our summer skincare routine to something lighter and the winter routine to something richer and heavier. All that indoor heat sucks the moisture right out of your skin!

Also, the fact that we do have cloud cover can be deceiving and because of that, some people might not wear sunblock when they should. A sunblock that we can hardly keep on our shelves at Slate is Solar Defense by Hydropeptide. It’s so many things in one. It’s a self-adjusting tinted light moisturizer that comes out lavender and adjusts to your skin tone as you rub it in. My favorite part about it is that it uses mineral sunblock as opposed to chemical. Also has lots of anti-aging peptides and smells oh so good!

Sorine: My main advice for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest is to use sunscreen regularly. That cloud cover can be sneaky, the sun’s rays can still get through and affect our skin! There are so many great products out there – my favorite product would be a sheer-tint moisturizer with SPF.

Sorine Morgan, SSpa Edmonds Waxing Studio

Sorine Morgan, SSpa Edmonds Waxing Studio

Ed!:  What is your personal favorite treatment to receive and/or your must-have skincare product?

Laura: My favorite treatment are facials. And Ombu just launched our monthly facial membership which could just be “the best deal in town!”

Nisha: My favorite service to receive is a massage from Emily Peterson at Quiet Thyme in Edmonds (honestly I don’t like other people messing with my skin too much which is why massage instead of facials). Emily’s massage is a little bit different each time, but always magical. Sometimes she’ll bring in the singing bowl, sometimes aromatherapy, sometimes sage sticks. Not to mention the amazing view at her location by the water. After I leave I feel as though my cup is full and overflowing so I can give back to others in my facials.

My ‘must have’ skin care product is the lemongrass enzyme cream by Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare. This is an organic skincare line that we sell at Slate. I spent over a hundred hours researching which organic line to carry when Slate opened and this one was the front-runner by far. The lemongrass enzyme cream not only moisturizes but exfoliates with acids and enzymes while you sleep, so you wake up with a radiant glow and your exfoliation is somewhat built into your routine. Great for busy people. Not to mention it smells like heaven!

Sorine: I love getting facials and know the importance of taking care of my skin. Fifteen years ago, I was trained under Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute. Dermalogica has been my go-to product of choice since. My favorites are special cleansing gel, skin smoothing cream and daily micro exfoliant, all by Dermalogica.

And of course, my daily SPF sheer-tint moisturizer. There are many great products out there, once you find a product you like I recommend keeping within the same line, they go hand in hand. My advice is always, less is more. Skin care can easily be overwhelming, I like to keep it simple.

Thank you for all the great tips, ladies! To learn more about all the great businesses in downtown Edmonds, visit

By Kelsey Foster

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