Santa Fe Mexican Grill & Cantina

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Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant


Santa Fe offers an authentic taste of Mexico. By combining local ingredients with traditional execution, we bring to life the magic of old recipes and techniques. Each dish highlights regional flavors and colors.

From a casual dinner to a family outing, a business meeting to a favorite date spot, our vision is to create a friendly neighborhood spot that feels like a second home. Allow us to transport your taste buds to the tantalizing regions of Mexico and immerse yourself in a sensational culinary experience!

About the Owners

Hector Olguin has been in the Restaurant Business for over 30 years and now owns four beloved Santa Fe's around the Greater Seattle Area.


Current hours due to Covid:
Mon - Fri
4pm to 8pm

Sat - Sun
10am to 8pm

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Advisory Board meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 8:00 a.m. Click for details.

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