About Ed!

We are the Business Improvement District in Edmonds, Washington.


Square Footage Open Door By Appointment/Office Space
0-499 $360/year
500-999 $420/year
1000-1999 $480/year
2000-4999 $540/year
5000+ $600/year

Assessments are based on the classification of a business and its square footage. Assessments are sent to members from the City of Edmonds, who provides our billing, collects and deposits the payments to an Edmonds Downtown Alliance account. Assessments can be paid quarterly or annually.

Assessments are waived for new businesses during their first year.

The assessment structure has two categories: one for “open door” businesses (restaurants, retailers, banks, etc.), and one for “by appointment/office space” businesses  (hair salons, doctors, lawyers, nail salons, insurance providers, counselors, financial advisors,  professional services, etc.).

Open door establishments are assessed at a higher rate than by appointment/office space businesses due to the relatively higher foot traffic and benefit that open door businesses are expected to receive from the programs.

Please note: If two or more business licenses are listed for a single address – meaning they share a single space – it is the responsibility of the business license holders to determine how the assessment(s) will be allocated.

Example 1) If two independent businesses share an office space, they will be treated as separate businesses and assessments will be collected for each business license. However, it is up to these businesses to decide how to allocate the square footage and indicate this on each business license filed with the city. For instance, in a 900 square foot space shared by two businesses, one business license may state 400 square feet and the other 500 square feet.

Example 2) If more than one contractor/licensee operate under the name of a common business, then they will be treated as a single entity/business, e.g., a hair salon that operates under one name will pay the assessment, not each stylist.