About Ed!

We are the Business Improvement District in Edmonds, Washington.

Ed! Grant Program

Ed! is not considering new grant requests in 2020


Purpose of Ed! Grant Program

Managed through the Edmonds Downtown Alliance, all Ed! Grants help fund great ideas within our local business community. The purpose of the Grant Program is to strategically allocate funding to members and partners to execute projects that are mutually beneficial and fit within Ed!s approved project categories.

Project submitted must meet the Ed! mission and comply with the approved purposes and categories of the Grant Program:
-Project must support Ed!’s mission statement
-Project must not duplicate existing services or initiatives
-Project must be realistic in scope and qualify for readiness and feasibility
-Project must not benefit a sole enterprise, company or member
-Project must include a minimum of one letter of support from an Ed! member and demonstrate community support
-Grantees must agree to include the approved Ed! logo and acknowledgement of Ed! funding in their printed materials, website and other collateral materials (electronic logo files will be provided upon grant approval)
-Project must encourage collaborative efforts

Additional Criteria for Grants from $1,500 to $5,000
-Projects must have existing partial funding commitments, have significant matching funds, and/or generally demonstrate diverse sources of income;
-Project must encourage partnerships between private enterprise, members and/or community organizations.
-An example of a successful grant project is the Historical Museum Plaza sign and the 4th of July fireworks.


Ed! members in good standing may apply or sponsor a grant application. Partner organizations, nonprofit agencies or private companies, with support from an Ed! member, may also apply for an Ed! grant.

Project Categories

Community Events
Hospitality and special public events, including holiday decorations, street performers/artists, festivals, fairs, historic education/heritage advocacy.

Neighborhood Marketing Initiative
Marketing & Hospitality: may include maps/brochures/kiosks/directories, web site, social media, marketing/advertising campaigns. Examples include Edmonds Has a Heart and Brouhaha.

Business Recruitment & Retention
May include, but is not limited to, education/seminars, market research, business recruitment, business fairs, conferences.

Safety & Cleanliness
May include maintenance, security, pedestrian environment enhancements.

Appearance & Environment
May include design enhancements, neighborhood advocacy & communication, streetscapes/lighting/furniture. Examples include the the public restrooms and the Historical Museum Plaza signs.

May include transportation alternatives, directional signage, parking management & mitigation.

Historic Education/Heritage Advocacy


Submit the Letter of Inquiry to hello@www.edmondsdowntown.org. Questions regarding the Grant Program can be sent to hello@www.edmondsdowntown.org.

Letters of Inquiry are reviewed by the grant committee. Once the Letter of Inquiry has been reviewed (allow up to 10 business days), the grant committee will request a Grant Application. After review and approval by the grant commitee, the grant committee will submit its recommendation of awards to the Ed! members advisory board.

The requesting party will be required to attend an Ed! Advisory Board meeting to present the request, and the Advisory Board will approve the final awards. In addition, each proposed grant will be reviewed by City staff for compliance with RCW 35.87A.010 and Edmonds City Code 3.75.030

Ed! will not be considering new grant requests in 2020. Please fill out the application form here to be considered for a grant in the future.