About Ed!

We are the Business Improvement District in Edmonds, Washington.

Scope of Purposes

The ordinance approved by the City Council on January 15, 2013 included this list of approved uses for the assessments that are collected annually. As we work to develop our future work plans, all activities will fall within this framework.

1. Marketing & Hospitality
Web Site
Social Media
Marketing/Advertising Campaigns
Holiday Decorations
Street Performers/Artists
Historic Education/Heritage Advocacy
Special Public Events

2. Safety & Cleanliness
Pedestrian Environment Enhancements

3. Appearance & Environment
Design Enhancements
Neighborhood Advocacy & Communication

4. Transportation
Transportation Alternatives
Directional Signage
Parking Management & Mitigation

5. Business Recruitment & Retention
Market Research
Business Recruitment

6. Organization
Contract Staff & Professional Services
Administration Costs